Projects carried out


In Search of Knowledge

Carried out through a Parliamentary Amendment and under the supervision of SMDET, we were able to carry out the 4th edition of the Professional Qualification Project, working in partnership with local organizations, thus reaching the mark of more than 5,000 students during the editions.


Heroes Wear Masks

During the pandemic, in partnership with Instituto Rede Mulher Empreendedora, several masks were made to help during the 2020 crisis.


Training Network

In partnership with Adesampa agency  we qualified more than 150 people with a focus on entrepreneurship and creative economy in 03 different regions of the city of São Paulo.


female entrepreneurship

In partnership with Sebrae, we participate in the 1,000 Program  women that aims to qualify women to manage small businesses and thus 20 women from our community  get what no one can take away from us knowledge.


 School​ of beauty

Professional manicure and pedicure course for people over 16 years old, with the objective of qualifying for income generation, in partnership with the Social Solidarity Fund of the State of São Paulo.


ABC Boys/Girls

Project that provided sports education with young people in partnership with FUNCAD.